5 Elements of an Effective Online Video

5 Elements of an Effective Online Video

Successful online video marketing campaigns begin with quality videos. But quality videos require more than just clarity and exciting colors. In addition, video marketing tactics also focus on producing videos that are simple, of short duration, entertaining, informative and accessible to the various web-enabled devices by the target audience.

These qualities discussed below may not guarantee a viral video but they are commonly present in videos of successful internet marketing campaigns.

1. Simple Video Content

The video should be able to explain a complex message in a clear and direct way. Aside from an effective script, on-screen graphics and other props should be kept to a minimum. Without too much animations, loud music and lengthy dialogues, the viewer can focus on the video’s message.

2. Short Duration

There are differences of opinion on the optimum duration of an online video but it is generally accepted that it must be short. A typical online video should be about 2-5 minutes long. If the time frame is not enough to convey your message, try to create a series of videos. With effective calls to action, you will be able to entice the viewer to see the next videos in the series

3. Use Modern Production Techniques and Content

Modern production techniques means that the video quality should be at par if not better with those produced using the latest technology available. For example, if your audio is of poor quality, the viewer will not endure the whole presentation because there are many other videos with superior quality.

To effectively connect with the target audience, don’t use outdated content unless you are showing something historical or a flash back. You need to research what’s “in” with your target consumers that the wider online audiences could also relate with. Your story line should be believable and easy to understand.

4. Informative, Educational and Entertaining

Online viewers are consistently interested in videos that are informative, educational and entertaining. Most of the time, informative and educational videos are easier to produce than entertaining videos. There are so many procedures, guides and other informative content that can be presented on videos online. For example, academic tutorial videos and how-to videos on various crafts are among the popular videos online.

5. Produce Videos with Your Audience in Mind

The success or failure of your video marketing strategies depends largely on your audience. So, you will have to plan and produce your video with them in mind in terms of content, distribution and accessibility. Is the content presented in a way that they will appreciate? Where will you upload your video?

You have to consider too that a growing number of internet users are not using their desk top computers or laptops but their mobile devices. So, in designing your video consider the smaller screen and other features of their mobile devices.


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